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Tips for Landing a Job in Management Consulting

Kevin, an Associate at L.E.K., shares some of the steps that he took as he defined his career path and worked to get the “inside track” once he identified where he wanted to work.

Six Helpful Careers Articles from Around the Internet

There is certainly a lot to think about as you dive into your job search – resumes, cover letters, interview tips, etc. To help with this process, I’m passing along a few articles that I think provide some pretty good careers advice.

1. Ten Must-Do Job-Search Tips for Spring 2011 Grads
By Bloomberg Businessweek
Overview: How to research, network and rehearse your way to the head of the job-hunting pack.

Fast Facts About Applying to L.E.K. Consulting

We’re back on campus talking to candidates and getting a lot of great questions about the company and the application process. I’ve created a quick FAQ to address some of the most popular questions that we typically receive about applying to L.E.K.

Q:  Where do I apply?
A:  We have an online application process. Visit us at to find additional background on the application process and how you can apply.

So what makes L.E.K. different from other consulting firms?

There is no shortage of qualities that make this place quite special. One example is the International opportunities at L.E.K. — about one-third of all L.E.K. projects are global or have international aspects to them. The chance to work with teams globally is exciting, and the exposure to diverse people and their cultures is irreplaceable. International relocation —temporary or permanent — is an option that many here choose to pursue.

Taking a Look at L.E.K.’s Community Service

Karen Kauffman, the Executive Director of Inspire, Inc., and an Associate at L.E.K. Consulting, describes how Inspire provides management consulting services for other nonprofits. She highlights the benefits for clients, and the junior consulting staff from L.E.K. and other management consulting firms who volunteer for Inspire.

Is management consulting right for me?

How should a retailer fend off a new breed of competitors like Groupon? And how can an airline create a flight plan for growth amid market turbulence? That’s where we come in – to provide strategic counsel and clarity amid uncertainty. And these are just some of the tough issues that management consulting pros get to tackle every day.

To see if management consulting is right for you, I suggest that you contemplate these five questions:

Meet the L.E.K. Advisor