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The Pod: L.E.K. Goes Social in L.A.

A benefit to being employed by L.E.K. is that consultants have the opportunity to work on an average of six to 10 cases annually, growing the breadth of our knowledge base through several industry sectors. Some would think that doesn’t leave much time for social activities. However, one additional benefit to being employed by L.E.K. is that the social and communal opportunities are plentiful, if you are game to participate!

L.E.K. Market Sizing Interview

L.E.K.'s interview process includes the critical market-sizing case study in which you will be asked to approach a sample case study and analyze relevant data. This is a core part of the interview process, and thus an important part to prepare for. This video outlines a market-sizing interview for you, including a step-by-step guide to getting through it. 

Geographical Mobility with L.E.K.

One of the perks of working for a global firm is the geographical mobility on offer. My six-year career so far has given me the opportunity to work overseas in a variety of different settings.

Why I Came Back to Consulting After my MBA

Prior to business school at the MIT Sloan School of Management, I worked at a boutique consultancy in NYC whose stated mission was to transform healthcare.  Our work was challenging and meaningful.

A 'Day in the Life' of an L.E.K. Consultant

Thinking about becoming a management consultant but intrigued to know what a typical day looks like? In this video, follow around Jo, a consultant in the L.E.K. London office, and learn about a typical day in the life of an L.E.K. consultant.

The Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions about L.E.K. Recruitment

L.E.K. Consulting is actively recruiting associates and consultants across the U.S. and conducting informational sessions at colleges throughout the fall. I receive many inquiries about recruitment: To whom do I address my cover letter? Do you sponsor consulting positions from non-U.S. prospective employees? Can I apply to a position if you don't actively recruit at my university? Read more to find out the answers to these questions and others. 

Q&A with Retail Specialist and Consultant Karen K.

Karen K. is a consultant in L.E.K.'s Boston office, having started as an associate in 2009 and having quickly found her way up in the company.  Early in her career, Karen's path wasn't unlike those of her peers in that she experienced case work in a variety of sectors and helped companies make strategic decisions for their futures. 

Inspired at L.E.K. Consulting

During my time at L.E.K., getting involved with Inspire has been one of my most rewarding experiences.

Welcome to the 2014 L.E.K. Class


L.E.K. would like to welcome 75 new members to our Americas team. Having completed a rigorous two-week orientation session in Boston, teammates are now jumping into casework in their respective offices. Watch our welcome video from Peter McKelvey, president of L.E.K. Americas, and see how the new teammates fit into L.E.K.'s diverse population of professionals. 

L.E.K. Professional Development Series

Strategy consulting is, at its core, an apprenticeship. L.E.K. does a great job of fostering a community where everyone is willing to help and teach one another.