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The Associate Career Path

You may be interested in entering management consulting upon graduation. What qualifies you for the the industry, and what role will you fall into? In this video, our team in London explains the responsibilities of the associate-level position at L.E.K. You will learn how the role progresses  and the core skills that are acquired during the associate years. Learn more about the role of associate at L.E.K.

Core Skills at L.E.K.

Case study questions are a cornerstone of the L.E.K. recruitment process. Over a number of interviews I was asked to size the market for beef products and residential mortgages, analyze a waste management business, and determine how to increase the revenue earnings of an airliner. The common underlying thread among these interviews is the need to seek out candidates with outstanding critical thinking skills.

The Consultant Career Path

From driving the case direction to developing work plans, the consultant role is key in L.E.K. case teams. Hear from L.E.K. consultants about the varied set of skills they develop to help them progress from consultant to manager and on. 

Transitioning from Active Duty to Management Consulting

Often times, I look back over the last few years of my life and wonder how I ended up in management consulting.  Describing my experiences as a “non-traditional business background” only scratches the surface...

Meet the L.E.K. Chicago Office

In the U.S., L.E.K. Consulting has five offices. Over the course of the next few months, I'd like to introduce you to some of the folks at each office so that you can get a feel for the culture in each city--social activities, community service initiatives and office diversity. In this video, meet some of my colleagues at the Chicago office. 

Case Study: How to Get Your Product In A Million-Dollar Home

When you think about million dollar custom homes, you typically think of gourmet kitchens, fabulous bathrooms and luxurious swimming pools.  But when homeowners finally get to build the home of their dreams, they face a number of other decisions about the products used to build their home. This is where our case team came in. Read more about this case with a fiber cement siding manufacturer.

Traveling to Singapore for Casework - Not "All Work, No Play"

Within my first two years at L.E.K., I was chosen to go to Singapore for an R&D case with one of L.E.K.'s managing directors. While we were there for business, the trip was by no means "all work and no play." Read more about my interesting casework and experience in Singapore. 

The L.E.K. International SWAP Program

L.E.K. Consulting's SWAP Program allows staff members to swap with another associate or consultant in one of L.E.K.'s global offices. This unique experience offers staff international professional experience and the cultural immersion that many L.E.K. staff members crave. To find out more about the SWAP program at L.E.K., watch this video from L.E.K. London.

MBA Case Interview Tips

Aspiring Consultants: As you ramp up efforts this fall to prepare for the upcoming recruiting season, I’ve pulled together a few minor tips that may help you “crack the case” in your interviews. This quick list is partially based on some of the most frequent mistakes I’ve seen over the past few years, and hopefully supplements what you’re already learning in your respective Consulting Clubs.

"SWAP-ping" from Melbourne to London

I have worked at L.E.K. in Australia for nearly four years and the SWAP program has definitely been one of my most enjoyable and valued experiences since I joined the firm.