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Meet the L.E.K. New York Office

The L.E.K. New York City office shares what they enjoy about working at the firm, what their colleagues are like, what types of social and corporate activities go on around the office, and much more in our video.

My Experience Across the Global L.E.K. Network

I first joined L.E.K. as an associate in the Chicago office. After three years, L.E.K. sponsored me to attend Harvard Business School, and I then re-joined the firm’s Boston office as a consultant following receipt of my MBA. I’m now a manager in our London office.

Meet The L.E.K. San Francisco Office

Meet the folks in L.E.K.'s San Francisco office. Learn about the culture inside the office, and how L.E.K. extends its brand to San Francisco. 

Variety: The Spice of L.E.K.

One of the main reasons I wanted to work for L.E.K. was because of the opportunity to work on different business problems across a wide variety of industries. The diversity of work I have experienced so far has certainly exceeded my expectations!

From a Degree in French to a Full-Time Associate

Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect. As I walked through the front door of L.E.K.’s London office as a new associate in early September, I wasn’t sure what to expect: I had never worked in consulting and had studied French at university –not the finance or economics degree that one might expect from a new-joiner at a leading global strategy firm.

Meet the L.E.K. Los Angeles Office

Meet the folks at our L.E.K. Los Angeles office. Self described as collegial, extremely intelligent, dynamic and fun, the L.A. office shares what makes their office and community unique, and how the L.E.K. culture shines through every day. 

The Associate Career Path

You may be interested in entering management consulting upon graduation. What qualifies you for the the industry, and what role will you fall into? In this video, our team in London explains the responsibilities of the associate-level position at L.E.K. You will learn how the role progresses  and the core skills that are acquired during the associate years. Learn more about the role of associate at L.E.K.

Core Skills at L.E.K.

Case study questions are a cornerstone of the L.E.K. recruitment process. Over a number of interviews I was asked to size the market for beef products and residential mortgages, analyze a waste management business, and determine how to increase the revenue earnings of an airliner. The common underlying thread among these interviews is the need to seek out candidates with outstanding critical thinking skills.

The Consultant Career Path

From driving the case direction to developing work plans, the consultant role is key in L.E.K. case teams. Hear from L.E.K. consultants about the varied set of skills they develop to help them progress from consultant to manager and on. 

Transitioning from Active Duty to Management Consulting

Often times, I look back over the last few years of my life and wonder how I ended up in management consulting.  Describing my experiences as a “non-traditional business background” only scratches the surface...